SUPER PV presented at the EU PVSEC 2018
  • Sept. 24, 2018 at 08:30 – Sept. 28, 2018 at 12:30

SUPER PV was selected for a visual presentation introducing the project at the EU PVSEC 2018 in Brussels. Although the SUPER PV poster was displayed throughout the entire event in the “Grand Hall”, it was presented on Thursday 27th September.

Project Poster - EU PVSEC 2018 06 Sep 2018 Information Material
Project Poster - EU PVSEC 2018

Project poster presented at the EU PVSEC 2018 (European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) giving an overview of the project ant its expected impact.


In addition, SUPER PV was also presented in the parallel event held on Thursday 27th September at the EU PVSEC 2018: “Horizon 2020 projects: Backing the European PV industry”. This event was initiated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the EC’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) in order to introduce the current Horizon 2020 projects working on photovoltaics.

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