Tunisia Demo Site

Testing of project results in Tozeur, Tunisia

Project results will be tested in demonstration sites in the markets of primary importance for European PV producers:

  • European market where roof top market is recently becoming more and more important.
  • Regions where solar irradiation and average temperature are high.


Desert (hot/dry) climate

In Tozeur, Tunisia, the SUPER-PV project tests the performance of various components in a hot and dry climate. Spread throughout several demo-sites in Europe, different climate conditions are tested on various new innovations. Discover the demo-sites further below:

Desert (hot/dry) climate

A site located in the Southern of Tunisia in the middle of the Sahara is selected for this test. Temperatures are exceeding 40 °C in summer and high soiling is observed due to the sand from the Sahara. Another site will be located in Morocco.

The following systems will be installed and instrumented:

- SOLITEK: 3 systems: standard monofacial on rack, standard bifacial, innovation bifacial on rack.
- APOLLON: 1 system: innovation bifacial on rack.
- FLISOM: 2 systems: monofacial CIGS flexible reference on rack, monofacial GIGS flexibe innovation on rack.

The same methodology of instrumentation selected for the Temperate climate will be used in this site to be able to be obtain comparable results.