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Today photovoltaics (PV) has become one of the most cost-effective forms of electricity production globally and in some regions is already the most competitive unsubsidised form of electricity. Despite positive cost and growing developments, European PV manufacturers are facing a decline in production due to competition from third countries. The fragmentation of the value chain compared to competing actors is believed to be the major factor for this decrease in the competitiveness.

SUPER PV is a collaborative European-funded project initiated in 2018 by 26 partners in reaction to this trend. Together, they target a significant LCOE reduction (26%-37%) for European-made PV by adopting a hybrid approach combining technological innovations and data management methods. Introducing superior quality PV systems will create conditions for accelerating large scale deployment in Europe and help EU PV business to regain leadership on world market.
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Kick-off meeting & start

The kick-off meeting of SUPER PV took place in Vilnius (17th-18th May 2018). The project pursues the development of innovative and superior quality PV systems aiming to accelerate large scale deployment of photovoltaics in Europe and help EU PV business to regain leadership on world market.

SUPER PV presented at the EU PVSEC 2018

SUPER PV was selected for a visual presentation introducing the project at the EU PVSEC 2018 in Brussels. Although the SUPER PV poster was displayed throughout the entire event in the “Grand Hall”, it was presented on Thursday 27th September.

Project Poster - EU PVSEC 2018 06 Sep 2018 Information Material
Project Poster - EU PVSEC 2018

Project poster presented at the EU PVSEC 2018 (European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) giving an overview of the project ant its expected impact.