Lithuania Demo Site

Testing of project results

Project results will be tested in demonstration sites in the markets of primary importance for European PV producers:

  • European market where roof top market is recently becoming more and more important.
  • Regions where solar irradiation and average temperature are high.

At the same time, testing will be performed in three different climatic regions of extreme conditions:

  • Temperate (cold/wet) climate.
  • Tropical (hot/wet) climate.
  • Desert (hot/dry) climate.

Cold/wet climate testing in Lithuania

A site at Vilnius (Lithuania) and a site at Norway are selected for this test. The aim of this task is to evaluate module innovations developed in this project under cold and snowy environment typical of northern part of Europe. The following systems will be installed and instrumented:

- SOLITEK: 3 systems: standard monofacial on rack, standard bifacial, innovation bifacial on rack.
- APOLLON: 1 system: innovation bifacial on rack.
- FLISOM: 2 systems: monofacial CIGS flexible reference on rack, monofacial GIGS flexibe innovation on rack.

To be able to evaluate the achieved performance improvement, standard systems will be installed both using monofacial and bifacial panels made by SOLITEK and flexible CIGS monofacial made by FLISOM.

The following measurement will be made: Temperature, Humidity, Solar irradiation (direct, diffuse), Electro luminescence, Temperature mapping.